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General description of belt conveyor frame:

Steel structure belt conveyor system is widely used in mining, metallurgy industry to transport both of bulk materials and end products. According to different technology it can be used in single, multiple or combined with other equipment to form horizontal or incline transportation system to satisfy different production line arrangement needs.

Components of conveyor steel structure:

1. Intermediate frame: 

Inter mediate frame is part of belt conveyor, used for installing cross beam of idler and the entire idler. Generally made of box iron or angle steel, it is fixed together with H-frame from below. Length: 3-6m. Specification of box steel and angle steel varies with different breadth of belt conveyor.

2. H frame II type (landing leg): 

It is more firm by adding two inclined struts to H frame I type. Normally, H frame I type and H frame II type are used in rotation.

3. Adjustable Landing leg: 

To adjust the height of the conveyor, some landing legs (H frame) are made adjustable to make it convenient to adjust the height during installation. Telescopic upright post, made of steel tube or U steel, is used to adjust the height of landing legs. The number of required posts is up to the terrain where the belt conveyor is used.

4. Carling: 

The underground belt conveyor often replaces the intermediated frame with steel tube, which is generally called carling. Caring is used for supporting idler. Under normal circumstances, each section of steel tube is m in length. Carling is likened by quick coupling with H frame. On each section of steel tube hang two sets of trough-shaped idler. Specification of steel tube varies with different breadth of belt conveyor, such as φ 60, φ 75.5, φ 89.

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