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General description of prefab light steel hangar:

Steel structure aircraft hangar system is widely used in aviation field for airplane maintenance, repairing and parking. Steel structure aircraft hangar can be small building for personal and small planes from aero clubs, and also big buildings for airlines. For maintenance and repairing hangar, steel structure aircraft hangar usually have overhead crane for moving big items like engine, and according to the dimension and purpose of the hangar will have different kind of doors like auto sliding doors, hydraulic doors, and folding doors etc.

Components of steel structure aircraft hangar:

1. Wall structure: Wall structure usually made from welded H section steel or tubular pipe together with C section steel for purlin.

2. Roof structure: Small hangars usually made from welded H section steel, for large span hangar without column in the middle, we usually use pipe truss or space frame together with C section or Z section steel for roof structure system.

3. Wall cladding system: We usually use two layers corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool insulation or sandwich panels according to clients' requirement.

4. Roof cladding system: Two layers corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool insulation will be used or sandwich panels. Also we can add skylight panel on the roof for the light to come in and ventilator for the fresh air.

5. Doors: Auto sliding door for large opening, hydraulic and folding doors for small hangar buildings.

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