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General description of prefab light steel warehouse:

Steel structure warehouse is widely used in storage or logistic center, which is made from light steel structure systems. Steel warehouse usually composed by steel H columns and steel H beams for main steel structures, and connectedly by high strength bolts. Sandwich panels or corrugated steel sheets usually are used as cladding systems connected to the main steel structure through steel structure purlins, like Z section purlins and C section purlins. Some of the steel warehouse will adopt sunlight panels to let light come in and also ventilators to change the fresh air in the steel warehouse. Sandwich panel sliding doors or automatic roller doors are the options for steel warehouse doors.

Main components of steel structure warehouse:

1.       Wall structure: H section steel columns

2.       Roof structure: H section steel beams or steel pipe truss roofing or steel space frame roofing

3.       Purlin: C section or Z section steel

4.       Cladding system: sandwich panels or corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool insulation

5.       Doors: sandwich panel doors or automatic rolling doors

6.       Windows: PVC sliding windows or Aluminum sliding windows

7.       Light ventilation system: sunlight panel with ventilator

8.       Gutter: bending corrugated steel sheet or bending stainless steel

9.       Downspout: PVC pipe

Advantages of steel structure warehouse:

1.       Light weight, high strength and large span

2.       Fast construction and easy installation

3.       Low cost and long life span

4.       Earthquake and wind resistance

5.       Environmental friendly

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